Activities and Welfare

GP “ Cooking Stars” spend a day out at Laya Beach, Wadduwa

Production supervisors having fun at beach on 26th October 2014…….setting aside the hard work behind the production lines ………..

Winning the crown of “Cooking star” held in August 2014, at the Motivation programme conducted by Chamila Sri Kodikara , the team lead by Supervisor Ravi was promised with a Lunch and a day out by General Manager Mr. Serge who was delighted to see the team effort of the Supervisors behind the stove and yummy food prepared “ resulting a synergized team…”

In recognition of the team work of the Organization, as promised by the GM, team of supervisors including 28 enjoyed a three star lunch, had fun in the beach, and took part in the games organized by HR team.

Cheers………Keep up the good work…..

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