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GP Annual Volley ball tournament

GP Garment’s Annual Volley ball tournament was held on 18th February at the company premises.  There were 6 girls teams and 3 boys teams.  Girls championship was taken by Deepika line; Boys championship was taken by QC team.

Winners – Boys

Boys championship – QC team

Boys runner up – Velcro team

Best player – Dileepa (Loop)

Best setter – A.S. Bandara (QC)

Best attacker – Wishwa Tharindu (Work study)

Winners – Girls

Girls championship – Deepika line

Girls runner up – Special machine team

Best player – Sewwandi (Velcro)

Best setter – Chamila (Mechanic)

Best attacker – Duleeka (Pathma line)

Congratulations for your victory girls and boys…Thank you for the participation

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